Bd Patient Care

Estd .: 2005, reg.: 107410

Office :  24/6, Kurmitola High School Road,
Khilkhet, Dhaka

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01. Name of Client’s : ________________________________________
(a) Present address : ________________________________________
(b) Occupation of Client’s : ________________________________________
(c) Phone number : ________________________________________
(d) Type of  worker : ________________________________________
(e) Working hour of worker : ________________________________________
(f) Initial salary : ________________________________________
(g) Tenure of agreement : ________________________________________
(h) Particular of leave : ________________________________________



2. Client deserves the right to submit any dispute to the Proprietor or Advisor of the agency.
3. No inhuman and ferocious behavior can be practiced on the patient care.
4. Client shall have to pay wage of every hour work performed by the patient care. Otherwise, the dispute received at agency shall positively be against the Client.
5. The monetary conditions related to the agency should be settled by 07 (seven) days of joining the work by the patient care.
6. Monthly salary of the patient care to be enhanced by 10% annually.
7. The Client shall have to pay enough attention in regard of freedom, food, accommodation, treatment of the patient care.
8. All the responsibilities and liabilities of the patient care shall be on the Client immediate after delivery the patient care to him.
9. Asha patient care agency is operated by retired army official.
10. Once the tenure of the service attains 01 year, 2 bonuses at the rate of 50% of monthly salary to be paid to the patient care.
11. Service Charge is Tk 3000/- (Taka three thousand) non refundable.
12. One month salary of the patient care to be paid to the agency, which shall be deducted from the salary of the patient care in 12 equal installments.
13. If the agency fails in supply of patient care by 07 days of agreement, the agency shall be bound to refund the service charge paid to them.
14. If the Client dislikes the patient care after supply, the agency shall be bound to supply the alternate worker.
15. The agency authority must be notice before termination of the patient care.
16. The patient care cannot be expelled from the house, Concerned police station or agency should be informed.
17. No money to be refunded after execution of the agreement with the agency. But, patient care can be alternated.
18. If any theft, dacoit, blackmailing or harm to the Client is made by the patient care, the agency authority shall be liable for the same, in case of the patient care employed by the Asha patient care agency.
19. Agency Authority shall be bound to handover all the necessary papers of the patient care to the Client while the patient care join the work.
20. The patient care can be punished in case of minor mistakes, but cannot be terminated.
21. Any dispute of the Client or mistress can be entertained subject to produce of sufficient evidence.
22. Agency shall not be liable in case of any offence done by the patient care through Client.
23. The Client can deliver the facilities and benefits of the patient care directly to her, but he/she shall have to report the agency.
24. To Client shall allow to monitor the patient care by the agency once in every month.
25. Agency’s Bank account no. DBBL A/C No. 1991103371 bKash A/C No. 01711033079
26. The Client shall not be entitled to employ any worker through the worker employed or representative without prior approval of the agency.
27. For the sake of family and legal safety, we request you to select and take patient care from our agency.
28. Our supplies are Patient care, Nurs, Babysitter, Aya, Assistant Boy, Mother Care, O.T Boy, Butisioun , Dietician Etc.
29. Allah loves the steadfast. It is possible to vanquish the worker’s heart by patience and good conduct. Be kind on the worker, he/she will treat you as Client.


We, both the parties read out the conditions set above and signed on this agreement.


Proprietor Area Manager Client